Wer ist Drummle in Great Expectations?

Who is Mr Drummle Great Expectations?

Bentley Drummle

An oafish, unpleasant young man who attends tutoring sessions with Pip at the Pockets‘ house, Drummle is a minor member of the nobility, and the sense of superiority this gives him makes him feel justified in acting cruelly and harshly toward everyone around him.

What does Bentley Drummle represent in Great Expectations?

Bentley Drummle

In his mind, Pip has connected the ideas of moral, social, and educational advancement so that each depends on the others. The coarse and cruel Drummle, a member of the upper class, provides Pip with proof that social advancement has no inherent connection to intelligence or moral worth.

What is Drummle to Estella?

Rather than push him away, this honest behaviour only frustrates Pip. It is implied that Drummle abuses Estella during their relationship and that she is very unhappy. However, by the end of the book, Drummle has been killed by a horse he has allegedly abused.

Who is Mrs Bentley Drummle in Great Expectations?

Drummle is a fellow student at Matthew Pocket’s whom Pip first meets in Chapter 23 not long after his arrival in London. Mrs Pocket is distracted by Drummle’s being ‚the next heir but one to a baronetcy‘ (Ch. 23, p. 186) and Drummle’s aristocratic background allows him to behave rudely to people around him.

How is Estella in Great Expectations?

Just like Pip, Estella is an orphan and is subject to abuse by her adoptive mother, Miss Havisham. In Estella’s case it is psychological rather than physical abuse. She is brought up to despise men but to use her beauty to attract them and then break their hearts.

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What happened to Drummle in Great Expectations?

In the end, Drummle marries Estella, treats her horribly and then ends up dying as a result of mistreating a horse.

Why did Estella marry Drummle and not Pip in Great Expectation?

Estella married Drummle because she knew he was a terrible person and everyone would be perplexed and hurt that she married him. She was more interested in hurting her suitors, because there were plenty of excellent men that wanted her. She married Drummle to spite them all.

Why is Jaggers interested in Drummle?

Drummle especially interests him and later Jaggers tells Pip he likes the man because Drummle is one of the „true sort.“ The lawyer’s interest in Drummle is probably a professional one. Jaggers deals with the raw side of humanity every day working with the criminal, violent, unbridled types.