Was ist ein Enhancer in Keeper of the Lost Cities?

What does an enhancer mean in Keeper of the Lost Cities?

Enhancers have the rare ability to empower others with the touch of their hands. Being around one will make those surrounding them more powerful to a very small extent, and most are not able to notice the change.

What book does Sophie manifest as an enhancer?

Book 8: Legacy

There is a way for enhancers to gain control over their ability; Sophie manages to do this in Book 8: Legacy during an exercise with Councillor Oralie.

What is Biana vacker middle name?

Biana Amberly Vacker

Biana Amberly Vacker (pronounced Bee-ah-nuh Am-ber-lee Vack-er) is the youngest child and one of the 3 children of Alden and Della Vacker.

What color are Marella’s eyes in Kotlc?

Marella is described as a very short, slender, pixie-like elf with shoulder-length blonde hair that „twists in and out of tiny braids.“ She is also said to have huge, ice-blue eyes—very much like how Keefe’s were described.

What is Brent’s last name Kotlc?

Brant Alger [last name redacted] was Jolie’s fiancé who, after Jolie’s death and his near-death experience from trying to save Jolie, lived in a fireproof home. His mind was partially broken from the grief and guilt of Jolie’s death. After his sanity (supposedly) cracked, Grady and Edaline took care of him.

What is Grady’s ability?

When Grady is enhanced, he is able to control not only elvin minds but animal minds as well. Edaline dislikes him using his abilities on her, so he mostly avoids doing so.

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Does Dex like Biana?

There is no confirmed interest from Biana or Dex, although Biana and Dex spent a lot of time together when Fitz and Sophie wouldn’t include them. They are also very friendly towards each other and are quick to build each other up when the other is feeling down or doubting themselves.

What color eyes does Biana vacker have?

Navy blue

Eye Color: Navy blue
Sure, her family’s had a few scandals over the years—but that doesn’t change how important they are. After all, they’re single-handedly making sure unicorns remain a thriving species—and Stina’s a huge part of that. Maybe it’s not as fancy as the Vackers, but who cares about the Vackers, anyway?