Was ist Target Cloud Island?

Is Cloud Island a Target brand?

Parents rejoice: Cloud Island, a brand you’ll find only at Target, is expanding into essentials, including diapers, wipes, toiletries and feeding products!

What is Cloud Island brand?

Cloud Island is a collection of nursery décor, bedding, bath, layette and baby essentials that launched in May 2017. Cloud Island includes stylish, affordable items designed with a focus on safety, durability and comfort, allowing parents to easily mix and match items in their nursery, bathroom and more.

Who makes Cloud Island?


Target is expanding its in-house brand Cloud Island to include essential baby items like diapers, wipes and toiletries. The launch of about 30 new items happens Sunday.

Is Cloud Island Non toxic?

The dresser and changing table topper are Greenguard Gold certified and the changing pad that sits in the topper is 100% non-toxic and free of polyurethane foam, vinyl and chemical flame retardants. The cute changing pad cover is from the Cloud Island line at Target.

What is the gel in diapers?

The hydrogel most commonly used in diapers is sodium polyacrylate. It’s added to the core of disposable diapers to soak up urine and keep moisture away from a baby’s skin, helping to prevent diaper rash. If you cut open a dry diaper, you’ll find lots of small beads mixed in with a fluffy pulp.

Where are Earth and Eden diapers made?

the USA

Earth & Eden diapers are made in the USA, specifically in Pennsylvania and Georgia.

Is Millie Moon a Target brand?

Target is bolstering its offerings in the baby category. This week Millie Moon, which pitches itself as a luxury collection of diapers and wipes at everyday prices, announced plans to launch exclusively in the aisles of over 1,700 Target locations. The brand’s products are also available on Target.com.

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