Was bedeutet Chaya in The Devil’s Arithmetic?

What happened to Chaya in The Devil’s Arithmetic?

At that time and place, the people believe she is Chaya Abramowicz, who is recovering from cholera, the fever that killed Chaya’s parents a few months ago. The strange remarks Hannah/Chaya makes about the future and her inability to recognize Chaya’s aunt Gitl and uncle Shmuel are blamed on the fever.

What does the phrase The Devil’s Arithmetic mean?

Amanda Hill The Devil’s Arithmetic is about the Holocaust. The „Devil“ could literally be considered Hitler, but in this book it refers more to the general horror of the Holocaust. During the Holocaust, numbers were tattooed on the arms of Jews for identification.

What is Chayas number in The Devil’s Arithmetic?

In English it is pronounced „9“ which is German word for no. „7“ is each and every day of the week. „2“ is for Gitl and Shmuel and „4“ is for her family. That is how Chaya remembers her numbers.

Is Hannah related to Grandpa Dan?

Grandpa Dan is Hannah and Aaron’s grandfather on their mother’s side.

What does brutal arithmetic mean?

According to Rivka, what is „brutal arithmetic?“ Everyone in the camp knows people who have died in the camp. Everyone in the camp tells their relatives to hide before the deportations, but they don’t listen. There are more Nazi officers than there are Jews. There are more Jews than there are Nazi officers.

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