Wie alt ist Dally in „The Outsiders“?

How is Dally described in The Outsiders?

Ponyboy describes Dally as having an elfish face, high cheekbones, a pointed chin, sharp teeth, blue eyes, and long, white hair. He wore his rage in his eyes and in the lines on his face. Dally grew up in the street gangs of New York before moving to Oklahoma and had been in and out of jail since he was ten years old.

How old is Dally in The Outsiders?


Dallas „Dally“ Winston: A 17-year-old juvenile delinquent, he is the roughest and most volatile of the greasers, but cares more about Johnny than he does anyone else. He lived on the streets of New York City for three years.

What are Dally character traits?

Dally can be described as troublesome, caring, and violent. Dally can be described as troublesome for many reasons, one example is when Pony boy is describing Dally as a character, he says he has quite the reputation and quite the criminal record. He did just about everything he could to cause trouble.

Who is Dally Ponyboy?

Dally Winston had been in gangs in New York City before joining the greasers. He is Ponyboy’s least favorite member of the gang, and Pony considers him „tougher, colder, meaner.“ Johnny and Pony turn to Dally when they need help escaping after Johnny kills Bob.

Why does Pony not like Dally?

1 Answers. He realizes that Dally is just ‚bad news‘. Johnny worships him and thinks that Dally is some sort of hero type, but in the end Ponyboy is able to really see Dally for what he was…..a punk.

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How did Dally change in The Outsiders?

When the reader is first introduced to Dally, Ponyboy describes him as being tougher than the rest of them. He also says Dally is colder and meaner. However as the story comes to an end, you see a new side of Dally; the side in which he is so upset about the death of his buddy Johnny that he commits suicide by cop.

What is Dally’s goal in The Outsiders?

Johnny’s Goal

Dally’s goal was to: Die.

What is Dally’s best accomplishment?

Dallys Major Accomplishment

I think Dallys best accomplishment was beating the Socs in the rumble. Dally was very real, and I think he knew Johnny was going to die. He wanted to win and fight in honor of Johnny. He could have been there to protect him and none of this would have happened.